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Horse & Carriage Rides

A stagecoach ride may seem like an extravagant means of transportation, but if taking one is on your bucket list, we’ve got the perfect place to make your horse drawn carriage dreams come true. Now, you can book a stylish carriage tour of downtown Jim Thorpe at Fall Foliage Festival!

Driving into downtown Jim Thorpe, visitors are greeted by the grand clock tower of the courthouse, the historic stone architecture of Race Street, and of course, the quintessential train station. Now picture this: all of that exemplary small town beauty backdropped by some of the nation's best views of foliage. It’s the picturesque scene that will draw thousands of leaf peepers from far and wide this October. Is there a way to make this any more memorable? Enter Percherons.

“I always wanted a pair of work horses, and the Percherons are just absolutely beautiful,” said Kyle Hoppes, owner of Crystal View Carriage Rides. His company owns six of the majestic draft horses that can make even a Clydesdale appear fragile. Hoppes will be at the reins of his elegant white carriage touring visitors through Jim Thorpe all month long.

“People always comment on the horses, and the equipment. We keep everything really nice, and well maintained and that's what people like,” said Hoppes.

The owner and driver says he’s partial to Jim Thorpe tours despite the bread and butter of his business being private events like weddings, proms, and funerals all over the east coast.

“Jim Thorpe is just such an absolutely gorgeous ride, especially this time of year” says Hoppes.

“It’s funny, I didn't even know Jim Thorpe existed even though it was about 30 minutes away from me my whole life”.

The entrepreneur stumbled upon the hidden gem of Carbon County back in 2009. “After driving through, I just thought wow that would be a great place to do rides”. Hopped applied for permits the same year, and has offered tours in Jim Thorpe ever since.

Having his heart stolen by good old JT, just like many of his passengers makes for an enjoyable day at work.

A weekend getaway never seems long enough; so much to do, and so little time. If you're the type of visitor who likes to pack the itinerary full and leave no leaf unturned, a carriage ride may be for you.

Passengers will board at the iconic train station near Josiah White Park and be trotted through the main thoroughfare of Broadway, followed by historic Race Street, lined with its discerning stone architecture. The homestretch back to the train station offers the coveted, expansive views of the amber, copper and mustard gold leaves in all of their autumnal glory.

Riders can get the lay of the land before diving into other itinerary items, or just take in a final cohesive view of one of the country's favorite small towns. Either way, the 15 minute ride can cover about an hours worth of sightseeing on foot.

At only $60, the ride won't bust your bank account, or your weekend itinerary. By [booking now] you can skip the stress, avoid any lines, and feel calm, cool and collected when you arrive for your experience.

October is the busiest month for Crystal View Carriage tours, nudging out Christmastime by just a mane hair. Each carriage team can accommodate nearly 200 passengers per day. Weather permitting, he anticipates about 2000 riders during the foliage tours.

In years past, the eye-catching carriage was attracting so much business from passersby, that Hoppes explains he would fill up his daily agenda within a few hours of arriving downtown. This year the business is offering new online, advanced booking. By doing so, he’s happy that patrons have the option to skip the lines and feel confident that their chariot awaits.

“I have people who have ‘their weekend’ every year, and I want them to get their chance. I would never want them to miss their ride”.

Royalty doesn’t stress about lines and waiting, and neither should you. Hoppes encourages anyone with a busy schedule to book ahead.

Whether you’re seeking romance for your one and only, trying to make the kiddos feel like princes and princesses for the afternoon or just trying to get that magazine-esque snapshot to hang in your home, this is an experience you’ll be talking about long after the trees have shed their turning leaves


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