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Jim Thorpe’s One & Only Boutique Pub

Special Feature by Margaret White, Owner & Chef
Stone Row Pub & Eatery | 45 Race Street Jim Thorpe

Stone Row Pub & Eatery is a bustling scratch kitchen located on historic Race Street in Jim Thorpe. It’s a plant-forward, meat-friendly, adorable, boutique pub with a carefully curated selection of beer, wine, craft cocktails & fine whisk(e)y. Vegan and gluten free options abound and almost all food allergies/intolerances can be accommodated, as most of the menu is produced in-house. And yes, this includes the remarkable bread.

“We’re unique,” says owner Margaret White. “Dining safely is not easy for lots of folks who visit Jim Thorpe and we create an experience where they can feel empowered and delighted by classy comfort food with a twist. Plus, their omnivorous dining partners benefit from flavorful food and fun drinks without feeling like they’re missing anything. It’s a win-win.”

What is a boutique pub, exactly?

“It’s a small, sophisticated, specialized business – in this case, a public house where food & drink are served,” says White. “We specialize in creating dishes that don’t contain common allergens like gluten, nuts, shellfish, peanuts or sesame. And, we offer lots of dairy-free options made from whole ingredients.”

Running a boutique pub is a labor-intensive enterprise. This scratch kitchen relies on lots of prep and considerable technique to make the food beautiful and tasty. At Stone Row Pub, all of the ingredients have been researched for allergens, which are clearly listed on the menu. There are strict protocols for handling allergens, plants and meat.

But don’t get them started on the challenges of working with gluten free flour.

“It’s a beast! There are 11+ brands of flour with different, proprietary flour/starch ratios, so it’s a gamble every time you try to reproduce a published recipe. We’ve engaged in years of experimentation and still hold our collective breath when we bake something new,” reports White.

White cites her team as being a sustaining force of energy and creativity for the business. “I have actively engaged staff members who love what we do here and routinely make suggestions about product and process. That’s how the whole whisky thing got started.”

About that whisky…

“We have a ridiculous and awe-inspiring collection for the size of our operation. Yes, we research trends, but we’re also lucky. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board allows licensees to participate in lotteries for limited releases and we’ve been fortunate enough to win,” notes White. That means the collection routinely changes, although it took almost 2 years to sell out the bottle of the elusive Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon.

Stone Row Pub was open throughout the pandemic, pivoting to take out and limiting dining space in an already compact area. After 18 months of dealing with the restrictions, the labor shortage and routine problems with securing critical product for the menu, White decided to close the pub for a break. During the time off, she worked on the bread recipe and painted the first floor.

“I needed color and fun and I believe I got both,” remarked White.

If you’d like to experience Stone Row Pub & Eatery yourself, dinner reservations are strongly encouraged and lunch is walk-ins only. At the time of this article, they are open Thursday – Monday. During the summer, they’ll have outdoor seating on their terrace, which is tucked back into the mountain, 4 flights from the front door. Bring your classy attitude and sense of adventure. Both will serve you well.

47 Race Street




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